Zen Koi Pro - Offline

Available Now on App Store and Play Store.

Zen Koi™ Pro is a premium experience for the Zen Koi player. It features the original mesmerizing collection game Zen Koi™ that follows the Asian myth about Koi ascending into Dragon.

Best of Zen Koi

Zen Koi™ Pro features over 60 Koi and Dragon patterns from both the original Zen Koi and new patterns not available in any other versions of Zen Koi.

Offline - No internet connection needed

In this Pro version, we’ve added offline play – No need for an internet connection after you have downloaded the game.


We’ve also added Automatic Cloud Save if an internet connection is available, to safeguard your data. 

Frictionless fun!

There’s no more limits on egg slots because eggs hatch instantly! We have 50 Koi slots unlocked for you to help you build your collections.

New metallic and shiny koi!

We’ve added a new visual style for the Koi, making the rare koi and dragons super-SHINY!

Features Comparison

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